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Masterclass with Coach Kati


Saturday 1/15

1:00 pm


Join us in person at Breakthrough or on Facebook Live. There is no cost to attend!

You don’t need a New Year to make a fresh start, but there is an undeniable energy that happens this time of year. Why not make the most of that feeling and Ignite Your Power!


Join us for this free Masterclass and Coach Kati will teach you how to:

Connect to your Inner Power

We’ve all experienced recently just how much is beyond our control. We’ve had moments of feeling powerless and run down - or maybe those moments have lasted months. We’ll give you ideas you can use to identify what makes you feel truly powerful, as well as actions you can take to cultivate and grow that power.

Turn On your "Off Switch"

In order to keep powering up, we need to regularly recharge our batteries. We will share simple practices you can do in just a few minutes a day to de-stress your mind and body. We’ll also identify a few things we normally think of as “unwinding” that actually aren’t helping us relax in the ways we might think.

De-Clutter your Mind

Very often accomplishing more, means doing less. Feeling more powerful involves letting go. We’ll teach you a method you can use to create a laser focus on the things that really matter to you, and how to let go of all the rest.

This won’t be just a motivational pep-talk. We’ll be sharing real, actionable steps you can take to feel more powerful, more clear headed, and less overwhelmed. Best of all we’ll teach you how to take the steps that are right for you - whether you need to take baby steps, or feel ready for a giant leap of faith!

BONUSES - If you have in mind some goals you’d like to accomplish, we will go through specifics, and steps to take on how to set yourself up for greater success. We’ll also be sending our Ignite Your Power Mini-Workbook to you when you RSVP for the Masterclass!

There is no cost to join the Masterclass, but you do need to RSVP and let us know if you'll be joining in person or via Facebook Live. The class will last around 40 minutes, and we will open it up for Q&A at the end.


Kati Terray

has been a fitness coach for over 12 years. Her training as a Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Tune Up ® Teacher and Yoga Nidra meditation instructor allow her to bring unique physical and mental recovery strategies, as well as mindset perspectives that are often missing in the fitness space. She specializes in helping her students get “un-stuck” in mind, body and spirit.

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