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Snowy Night

Winter Warrior Challenge
FREE for all
Breakthrough Members!

Finish 2023 feeling strong and ready for anything life throws your way! Our brand new Winter Warrior Challenge is FREE for all Breakthrough members to join. Training begins Monday 11/13 and the Challenge will take place on Friday evening 12/8 at our annual Holiday Party!


Join us for the Inaugural Winter Warrior Challenge!  This all-new Quadrathalon event will prepare us and test our readiness for just about any adventure we hope to experience this festive season. 

With a special program to do twice a week in your semi-private sessions, and one endurance class a week you’ll be ready to excel at the Winter Warrior Challenge!

The Four Events for the Challenge Include:

  • The 2 Rep Strength Series Challenge

    • Prepare to express your strength skills and finesse across three attempts to hoist the heaviest possible weight for not just one, but two reps in a series of classic lifts.  Either:

      • 2x Double KB Clean & Squat to Press

      • 2x Double KB Clean Dead Row, Clean & Squat

      • 2x Single KB Dead Clean & Goblet Squat Thruster

  • The Warrior Walkabout Endurance Challenge

    • Develop and demonstrate your unstoppable stamina by carrying a pair of KBs, either in the rack or suitcase position for an ever increasing target distance, every minute, on the minute.  How many rounds on the track will you get?

  • The Explosive Power Performance Challenge

    • Maximize the rate at which you can generate force with our dynamic power training protocols.  The specifics of this event will remain a secret until the day of the challenge, but rest assured, your training will make you powerful enough to take on whatever it is!

  • The Mixed Skills Challenge Course

    • This event brings it all together!  Sharpen up your movement skills and put them to the test on a surprisingly fun and simple course that will show off your agility, coordination, balance, strength, endurance, speed and power.  This one is also secret, and will include some aspects assigned at random and some choices to be made by each individual athlete to truly test our ever-readiness and demonstrate our favorite skills! 

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