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Come Hell or high water...

We simply can't imagine fall at Breakthrough without the Tactical Strength Challenge!  We've been through our share of obstacles, most recently the "Great Flood of 2023". But finding the determination to rise to the occasion, and express our strength despite difficulties has long been a habit of our Breakthrough crew. So, Come Hell or High Water, the TSC is back!


If you’re looking for an fitness experience that will be fun and rewarding, then this fall’s TSC is for you! Join our team, and  together we will show the world how unstoppable we are!

CHALLENGE: Saturday 10/28  *  REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Friday 9/1 



The classic StrongFirst TSC tests your maximal strength in a single rep max barbell deadlift, your strength endurance in a flexed arm hang or pull ups, and your power cardio in kettlebell snatches.


Breakthrough's version will still focus on the deadlift, an upper body pull, and kettlebell ballistics, and you can still challenge yourself with the official StrongFirst bell sizes and events. But our last TSC was a huge success with adding some additional options: The TRX Horizontal Row instead of pull ups or hangs, and Single Arm Kettlebell Swings instead of snatches.

You know we love a theme for the Tactical Strength Challenge, so we have some fun Western Style ideas this time around!

The Team Will Get:

  • A special program that will have you performing and feeling your best 

  • An exclusive Team Only practice session on Thursday nights or Saturday mornings

  • A Team T-shirt  

  • Party following the Challenge on Saturday 10/28

The investment to join the Tactical Strength Challenge Team is $149, and spots will be limited.  Sign Up to reserve yours no later than 9/1!


We will be training in our newly reconstructed space, so it's time to set some new PRs - Come Hell or High Water!

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