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Drop 2 Sizes Challenge!

December 19th 2015 Drop 2 Sizes in 8 Weeks!

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Drop Two Sizes Challenge! – Join us on January 14th!


This is an 8 week Challenge starting January 18th, and is open not only to our gym members, but to non-gym members as well! Here’s what you get when you join the Challenge:

  1. Breakthrough D2S Nutritional Program and Journal

  2. Weekly Nutrition Coaching Meetings reserved just for D2S Challenge participants – you will stay accountable for your progress and learn how to eat to reach your goals

  3. Unlimited training with a coach for members, and 16 group coaching sessions for non-members

  4. Exclusive t-shirt to wear for our end of Challenge party

  5. Down two sizes!!!

  6. EVERYONE who drops two sizes is a WINNER and will receive a special prize to be revealed at our Kick-Off Meeting

For more information, or to reserve your spot for the Kick-Off Meeting on January 14th, contact us today at or (818) 712-9718

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