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Coach’s FitKit – Running Recovery

Coach’s FitKit

Running Recovery

Seems like everyone is out hitting the trail and getting fresh air these days… whether you were normally including running/jogging/walking in your regular exercise routine or not! So, we’ve got some super quick videos with ideas to help you warm up properly and recover strong from pounding the pavement in this combined Coach Caleb’s Corner/Kati’s FitKit:

This rolling sequence covers feet, calves, shins, quads and glutes.  It’s perfect for both before and after your run or walk, and you can don’t even have to do all of them together. Pick and choose what feels good to you!

Dynamic movement is a great way to get your body primed for a run, especially when you include cross body and rotational patterns. This warm up includes ankle/foot mobility, crawling patterns, lunging and balance practice. Best of all, it takes only 10 minutes to get you ready to go!

Cool down and show your hard working muscles some love with this quick sequence focusing on calves, quads, hips and glutes. Give yourself 5 to 10 minutes after your run, and you’ll be recovering faster in no time so you are ready to head back out again tomorrow!


Caleb and Kati

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