Get MORE from your Core!


Seminar at Breakthrough!



July 16th


A strong core is key to accessing the best possible stability and mobility when you move - not just in structured training, but in regular, daily-life activities. If you’d like greater freedom of movement, better breathing and a happier back, you need to get MORE from your core!

This 90 minute workshop will be led by Kati Terray - StrongFirst Strength Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Tune Up ® Teacher, and Co-Owner of Breakthrough Strength & Fitness.

Join us Saturday July 16th at 10:30am and you’ll practice:

  • How to properly “brace” your core to stabilize during training

  • Exercises to train the core from a variety of angles

  • Ways to generate greater tension to get more out of your core work in a shorter period of time

  • Several breathing techniques to embody the integral link between breathing and your core

  • Relaxation exercises to partner with your strength work

Get MORE from your Core!


$49 for Members


$79 for Non-Members - OR you can become a Breakthrough Member and take this seminar for FREE. Contact us today to find out how!