Breakthrough Strength Challenge!

Saturday May 15th


Training Begins Monday 3/29


Registration Deadline is Monday 3/22

Our inaugural BSC was a great success and a whole lot of fun back in October of 2020. We actually gathered safely outdoors for an in-person athletic event, challenged ourselves, achieved new personal records and proved that we would not cower in isolation, getting weak while the pandemic and its restrictions upended our healthy lifestyles!  


Not content to rest on our laurels, however, our spring edition of the Breakthrough Strength Challenge will be even better!  With exciting new programming that makes use of our cutting edge mobile technology and a new event, "The Silver Bullet Hold,” we are ready to forge our team into the toughest group of athletes yet to emerge from lockdown. Here are the three events:

Double Kettlebell Clean and Press

Going all the way back to the 1800s, the clean and press has been considered one of the truest tests of upper body strength.  It was an Olympic event until 1972!  The double kettlebell clean and military press excels at developing almost every major muscle group; shoulders, upper chest, triceps, core, glutes, biceps, lats, the list goes on and on.  The fact that the athlete must be able to clean the kettlebells in order to press them creates a built-in, self-limiting, safety catch; if you can’t clean them, you probably shouldn’t try pressing them anyway!  

"Silver Bullet" Hold Grip Test

For the lion’s share of strength training activities, the only connection between an athlete and the implement they’re using is the grip.  By increasing grip strength, we are able to hang longer, perform more pull ups, or handle heavier tools while maintaining proper technique and control.   Catching the Silver Bullet in the jaws of the world famous, gold standard “Captains of Crush” gripper and holding it there for as long you possibly can, is so simple, but it helps us get better at all of this!

One Handed Kettlebell Swings

The benefits of the one-arm kettlebell swing are so well-documented that it’s an obvious good choice for loaded-cardio development.  Why the swing instead of the beloved snatch for this challenge?  The swing excels at training the midsection and glutes with the intense contractions at the top of each rep and the need for our external obliques to prevent twisting of the torso, and is better at training the grip, so for this challenge we choose the swing.

When you join our Breakthrough Strength Challenge Team you'll receive:

  • A 7 week program to peak on the day of the Challenge

  • A Special BSC Team Practice Session Thursdays at 7pm

  • Your own Captains of Crush Gripper

The Investment to join the Breakthrough Strength Challenge is $97 and is only open to Breakthrough Members. If you are not yet a member, now is a great time to join!


The Challenge takes place on Saturday 5/15, and training begins Monday 3/29. The last day to register is Monday 3/22 and we totally sold out the BSC last time, so don’t wait to claim your spot on the Team!